What's in the Bible? Coloring Book

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Introducing the What's in the Bible? Coloring Book! Color through the WHOLE Bible - from Genesis to Revelation - with over 200 reproducible pages. Start at the beginning with the stories of creation, Adam and Eve, and Noah, and find all your favorite Old Testament stories - including Ruth, David, Esther,and more. The New Testament starts with coloring scenes from Jesus' ministry and then you can color through Paul's letters and even a few pages from the book of Revelation!

It's a comprehensive, chronological journey through the Bible your kids will love as they experience each story in a new way by expressing their creativity through coloring!

The What's in the Bible? Coloring Book is also reproducible! Make copies of each page for every member of your family, or for use in your Sunday School or homeschool class.

Format: paperback book or PDF download

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