Head to Foot Kids Craft Devotional and Parent Prayer Cards

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by Little Hearts Little Hands

"Head to Foot" has 14 lessons that teach kids (ages 2-6) how God made their whole body for His glory! Also included are 14 correlating parent prayer cards. This unique craft devotional starts with tracing an outline of your child to hang on the wall. In each lesson, you will add a different body part (for example a brain, eyes, lungs, etc...) to your child's outline and learn how God designed it to be used to glorify Him through serving others, loving others, and praising Him. The prayer cards were designed to help you pray for your child to use his/her body for God's glory.
It's easy to use - you can use it on your tablet, phone, computer or print it out. Very few craft supplies are needed and it's easily adaptable to your child's skills and interests.

Each day’s devotional is split into the following sections:

  • Scripture Verse
  • Let’s Have Fun: The craft instructions for adding a body part to your child's outline. Some templates are provided.
  • Let’s Chat: The short, simple, and easy explanation of the scripture passage to help kids understand deeper truths of God’s Word and to help parents more easily explain truths that are hard for young kids to grasp.
  • Let's Keep It Going: Optional extended activities suggested for continuing to learn about the body and practical suggestions for serving others, loving others, and praising God.


Format: a digital download

Please help us be able to continue to provide great resources for kids and families by not copying and distributing the file or printables beyond your own children. Please choose the product version "Bulk License" for bulk downloads to use at your church, Sunday school, VBS, small groups, birthday parties, home school co-ops, etc.