Beginning with God: Book 2

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by The Good Book Company

'Taste and see that the Lord is good.' - Psalm 34:8

Beginning with God, a Bible discovery for pre-schoolers, helps parents with young children explore the Bible with their child. This book provides a simple way to start your child in a regular habit of reading God's Word and growing to know God. We hope this book will help you and your child to explore the Bible with prompts you can use each day to dive into the Bible together.

Each devotional gives three “menu options” - an appetizer, the main course, and a snack for the journey.

Appetizer: an optional activity to grab your child's attention before the story.

The main course: read today's true story from the Bible; answer some simple questions; pray together; then stick in today's colorful picture of the story.

A snack for the journey: a conversation to have while out and about.

Also includes:

  • Tricky Questions
  • Tasty new words - definitions of key Bible words
  • Make it and munch it - craft activities for when you have more time
  • Colorful sticker set to track which stories you've read
 Stories from the Old Testament Stories from the New Testament
  • A baby in a basket
  • The burning bush
  • Ten plagues
  • The Red Sea
  • Food from heaven
  • Ten commandments
  • Twelve spies
  • Joshua and the spies
  • The battle of Jericho
  • Deborah leads the way
  • Gideon's battle
  • Samson
  • Ruth and Naomi
  • Hannah's prayer
  • A voice in the night
  • Two miracles
  • The fishermen's net
  • Jesus feeds thousands
  • Jesus walks on water
  • Jesus heals a blind beggar
  • Money in a fish
  • The good Samaritan
  • Mary and Martha
  • The lost sheep
  • The prodigal son
  • Ten lepers
  • Jesus and the children
  • A short man
  • Lazarus lives again
  • A gift for Jesus


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