Friends and Heroes Series 2 Church and School Pack

$ 75.00
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If you do not need Friends and Heroes episodes 14-26, please choose the Series 2 License and Lessons Pack, which does not include the DVDs.

Friends and Heroes Series 2 Church and School Pack contains:

    • Episodes 14-26 on six multi-language DVDs in an attractive slipcase
    • Bible lessons on CD-ROM:
      • Churches (ages 5-11) - 25 lessons
      • Schools (grades K-2) - 26 lessons
      • Schools (grades 3-6) - 26 lessons
    • Lifetime Series 2 public display license.

      Please note that organizations wishing to show Friends and Heroes Multi-Language DVDs in a group setting such as a church or school need a public display license for Series 2 (included in this pack) even when no admission fee is charged.

      How the curriculum works:

      Every lesson is made up of the following sections:
        • You begin with "Starting off" which includes
          • Video segment
          • Learning activity to involve the children in the lesson
        • Next, there's "In Deeper"
          Which leads the children deeper into the meaning and application of the lessons objective from the Bible story and accompanying adventure
        • Finally, you end with "Prayer Time"
          Which wraps the lesson up with an active, guided time to reinforce the learning objective and turn the children's hearts and minds toward what God is teaching them through the lesson
        • Each lesson also features "Extra, Extra!"
          This is a printable take-home sheet designed to reinforce what the kids have learned in that day's session

          Each lesson also includes:

            • Leader's preparation guide
              • Learning objective
              • List of required resources
              • Story summary
              • Preparation tips
            • Printable resources for activities and crafts

              What does it cover?

              Kids will learn to apply God’s truth from timeless Bible stories such as Jacob and Esau; Jesus Feeds the 5,000; Paul, Silas and the Earthquake; and Noah and the Ark.

              Click here to download a complete list of the Bible stories and learning objectives covered in all three Church and School Packs.