Old Testament Curriculum Bundle

$ 719.91 $ 629.99

Take your children's ministry through the whole Old Testament in 9 months. Based on the bestselling new series from VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer, What’s in the Bible? Church Edition will bring the Bible and its stories to your church in a whole new way!

What’s in the Bible? Church Edition is flexible and fully customizable.

When you order this bundle, you will receive Volumes 1-9, each of which include:

  • Classroom DVD (fully mastered DVD with 4 weeks of video and bonus features, including sing-along worship songs)
  • Video & Music Clips DVD with media files you can put into presentation software or play from your computer
  • Print Materials (PDFs and customizable documents)
  • Training DVD (volume 1 only)

 Each lesson features:

  • 4 videos
  • 4 small groups
  • games 
  • music 
  • online companion for families at home
  • online and mobile access to curriculum for leaders