Spiritual Practices: How to Meet God in the Everyday

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Convergence is a series of DVDs designed specifically for small groups looking for more than just Bible study. Convergence will examine the intersections between faith and real life with the goal of sparking deeper conversations and stronger community within small groups.

Each DVD features Donald Miller (Blue Like Jazz) facilitating a conversation with another well-known Christian author or speaker about the challenges that Christians face while trying to integrate faith with real life.

In Spiritual Practices, enter into a conversation with Donald Miller and Lauren Winner (Girl Meets God) about spiritual practices and how they can lead us to meet God in our everyday lives.

The following topics are covered in 3 episodes (approx 17 minutes each) and an included discussion guide:

    • What is a spiritual practice?
    • Why should Christians do spiritual practices?
    • Did Jesus engage in spiritual practices?
    • Can spiritual practices bring me closer to God?
    • How do I start practicing them in my daily life?
    • What should I expect from spiritual practices?

      Approx Running Time: 52 Minutes