The Character of God CD

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Our friends and partners, Seeds Family Worship, created this CD to help listeners learn scriptures that talk about who our awesome and loving God is!

The Character of God CD features 11 songs written directly from scripture.

Each package of The Character of God includes two identical full-length CDs so you can share this experience with those in your life who would benefit from God's Word planting Faith in their hearts.

The Character of God features these songs:
    1. God Is Creator- Genesis 1:1-3     
    2. God Is Holy- Isaiah 6:1-3     
    3. God Is Love- 1 John 4:16     
    4. God Is Light- 1 John 1:5,7     
    5. God Is Spirit And Truth- John 4:23-24     
    6. God Is Wise- Romans 11:33-36     
    7. God Is Faithful- 1 Corinthians 1:8-9     
    8. God Is Everlasting- Psalm 90:1-2     
    9. God Is Jealous- Exodus 20:3-5a     
    10. God Is Unchanging- Hebrews 13:8     
    11. We Trust (Bonus Track)- Psalm 20:7