The Complete What's In The Bible? Bible Bundle

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Buy every What's In The Bible? product in one huge bundle and get the Coloring Book free!

The Complete What's In The Bible? Bible Bundle is perfect for church libraries or one-stop-shopping for a years' worth of gifts for your children or grandchildren! Or, stock your gift closet and always have a gift ready to give!

Thirteen DVDs take you through the entire Bible to explain God's Great Rescue Plan! You'll also receive two DVDs featuring lovable British brothers Clive and Ian as they ask BIG questions about God in Clive and Ian's Wonder-Blimp of Knowledge 1 and 2! Then, sing through the whole Bible in 30 fun music videos featuring-onscreen lyrics in Buck Denver and Friends Present Sing Through The Bible.

Explore who Jesus is and what that means to you and your family in the activity book My Jesus Journal, then color through the whole Bible with the What's In The Bible? Coloring Book featuring 200 reproducible coloring pages! The coloring book is a free bonus with your purchase!

Christmas will never be the same when you see it through the eyes of Buck Denver and his friends! Learn the real meaning behind our Christmas traditions and how they all point back to Jesus in the DVD Why Do We Call It Christmas? and the brand new BOOK Why Do We Call It Christmas? The Real Story Behind The Holiday. Then create a meaningful advent season for your family with the activity book Everyday Emmanuel.

And finally, take your favorite songs from the series with you wherever you go with the What's In The Bible? SONGS! CD, featuring 18 tracks.