Buck Denver Asks...What's In the Bible? The Songs CD

$ 9.99

The first CD from the popular Buck Denver Asks...What's in the Bible? series, THE SONGS! features 18 of your very favorite, most singable songs from the series.

Run Time: 36 minutes
18 Tracks:

1. What's in the Bible? Theme Song
2. The Bible is a Book
3. God's Amazing Book
4. Genesis
5. Who Do You Trust?
6. Look What God Can Do
7. Exodus
8. This is a Story
9. Leviticus
10. Ritual and Ethical
11. Deuteronomy
12. Judges
13. Judges is a Book
14. Pentateuch Song
15. Redemption
16. Joshua is Quite a Book
17. You Can't Stop a Train
18. What's in the Bible? Reprise