Truth in the Tinsel Curriculum

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Spend December impressing God’s Word on your kids’ heart and partner with your parents this Christmas. Help them lead their kids to understanding God’s greatest gift.

Buy Truth in the Tinsel in bulk to print and pass out to the families in your church for them to use at home while your children's ministry uses the curriculum.

The Truth in the Tinsel curriculum is a four week study perfect for elementary-aged children’s churches, backyard Bible clubs, small group environments and more.

Each week, you will use the following segments to lead kids to find the truth in the tinsel:

  • Theme Intro: short segment to introduce your main point
  • Bible Verse: high energy activity that helps kids memorize God’s Word
  • Bible Story: a creative storytelling technique to teach the real Christmas story
  • Application: a simple object lesson to help your kids apply God’s Word
  • Small Group: discussion questions, a prayer prompt and a group activity {including printable “cheat sheets” for your leaders!}
  • Extras: Christmas movie clip ideas, extension activities and coordinating days to Truth in the Tinsel

Each week’s topic corresponds with the activities families are doing at home with the original Truth in the Tinsel ebook. The topics for each week are:

Week 1: Jesus is the Light of the World!

Focusing on Isaiah 9, students will discover why Jesus had to come as a baby into our dark world. They will learn to focus on His light this Christmas season.

Week 2: Nothing is Impossible with God!

Students will learn the story of Zechariah and Mary, how both of them had a special announcement from an angel but how they reacted differently.  At the end of this lesson, kids will be able to face their problems with the knowledge that with God all things are possible!

Week 3: Make Room in Your Heart for Jesus!

This week focuses on the traditional Bible story and manger scene. Kids will learn to make room in their heart and life for Jesus this Christmas, just like the innkeeper made room for baby Jesus in his stable.

Week 4: Jesus is the Best Gift!

Children will discover that Jesus is a gift to the whole world regardless of age or stature. They will celebrate Jesus’ birth and have the opportunity to invite Jesus into their own lives.

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