What's In the Bible? VBS

$ 169.99

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This Bible-themed VBS will have your kids (and their parents!) excited about the Word of God and how it transforms the way we live our lives every day.

The What's in the Bible? VBS comes with everything you need for 2 versions of VBS - a traditional VBS and a family VBS. The traditional VBS is a 4-day (with optional 5th) experience designed for elementary-aged children. The family VBS is a 4-night VBS designed for the whole family!

The VBS kit contains samples of great resources that you can add to enhance the experience for your kids and families. When you order the kit, you will receive the following:

  • Director's Guide Book
  • DVD with all videos
  • DVD-Rom with all videos and music in .mov and .mp3 format (for use in presentation software)
  • CD-Rom with all print materials and activities
  • 5 promotional posters
  • 5 registration posters
  • 1 sample t-shirt*
  • 1 sample family journal*
  • 1 sample family prayer wristband*
  • 1 sample What's in the Bible? music CD*
  • 1 sample pair of What's in the Bible? sunglasses*
  • 1 sample name tag lanyard with exclusive website link for families to visit*

*Extra items are available to order for your VBS attendees here.

The Traditional VBS covers the whole Bible, introduces God's Great Rescue Plan, the story of Jesus and what it means in our everyday lives to live as a Christian.

  • Rooted in the truth of the Bible
  • Covers the Old Testament and New Testament
  • Features games and crafts that help children learn in a fun, creative way
  • Easy-to-use for leaders and your volunteers

Sample Traditional VBS Schedule:

  • Welcome (15 Minutes)
  • Bible Lesson - Video (20 Minutes)
  • Small Groups - Crafts & Games Rotation (45 Minutes)
  • Wrap Up - Bible What's It? Trivia Game (15 Minutes)

The Family VBS is the perfect opportunity for parents to grow together with their children in a fun, unique way. In addition to being rooted in the truth of the Old and New Testaments, it also:

  • Involves the WHOLE family in the WHOLE Bible
  • Features exclusive teaching videos for parents from Phil Vischer on how to better understand the Bible with your family and live out your faith with your children

Sample Family VBS Schedule:

  • Welcome - Whole Family (15 Minutes)
  • Bible Lesson- Whole Family (20 Minutes)
  • Small Groups (Adult Teaching Time/Small Group Discussions and Kid Small Group Games and Crafts)(45 Minutes)
  • Wrap-Up - Bible What's It? Trivia Game (15 Minutes)

Additional take-home items are available to make VBS last beyond the week - each additional item supports the teaching of the VBS materials.

Learn more about VBS, read the FAQ, and see the Scope & Sequence here.