Why Do We Call It Christmas? Curriculum

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Why Do We Call It Christmas? Curriculum will send your children's ministry on an adventure from India to Indiana and Buck Denver and friends explore the history and tradition of Christmas! Join intrepid newsman Buck Denver and all of his friends on an amazing journey into Christmas that will have your classroom singing and laughing and creating all the way through the Christmas season!

Designed specifically for the elementary ages, the Why Do We Call It Christmas? curriculum was built with the holidays in mind - it's easy to use for volunteers and perfect for large groups.

Each Curriculum volume contains 4 weeks of customizable lessons for your children's ministry, and includes videos, leaders guides, printable games and activities, take home cards and more!

Learn more about the Curriculum here and check out FAQs here. View an in-depth scope and sequence for Why Do We Call It Christmas? Curriculum here.

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Why Do We Call It Christmas? contains these topics:
  • Where do we get the word Christmas?
  • When was Jesus born?
  • What do Christmas trees have to do with Jesus?
  • Who is St. Nicholas?
  • What is Hanukkah?
  • Who is Emmanuel?
  • Luke 2 Story